The aim of Content Warning is to create content with your friends, or die trying. In this co-op horror game, fame and fortune await those brave enough to capture the most spine-tingling moments for the world to see. Question is, how do you get more views in Content Warning? We’ve crafted the ultimate guide to help you rise to the top of stardom with nothing but your trusty camera in tow.

  1. Capture Monster Encounters with Finesse:

Image Credits: Landfall Publishing

Record your encounters with creatures for a minimum of five seconds. Utilize every last inch of your camera’s tape to ensure no hair-raising moment goes undocumented, and make sure to protect your cameraman! Better yet, keep recording (flip the camera into selfie-mode) if a monster grabs you while you’re holding the camera.

Diversify your footage by facing off against a variety of monsters, to ensure your audience are on the edge of their seats and get more views. Filming two or three different types of monster will get you the largest boost in the game, but there are other shots you can capture for better views, too.

  1. Document Friend Interactions for Added Drama

Image Credits: Landfall Publishing

Enlist the help of your companions to create the best content! Film their interactions with cursed monsters and the environments, capturing every moment of their struggles. Even pay homage to their bravery (or lack-of) by emoting over their fallen bodies, enticing more views with their sacrifices.

If you’re going to be stuck with a medical fee for their death, you may as well make it memorable and capitalise on their unfortunate demise.

  1. Equip Yourself for Success

Enhance your recording capabilities by investing in upgraded equipment. Some equipment, like the Boom Mic and Clapper will improve your videos and draw more views. Strategically use these to amplify your content.

Emotes can be purchased through the upgrade shop in Content Warning as well and can give you a boost in viewership when used in the right shots (with fallen buddies, as mentioned, but particularly with monsters in shot, too).

  1. Be vocal and vary your shots

Infuse your recordings with energy and excitement by vocalizing your emotions during intense encounters. Shout and scream with gusto, drawing more viewers and maximize your views.

The best combination is a balance of general discussion, exploration shots, screams and horror, and monster encounters. Make sure you shoot a quick intro and outro with the selfie-mode to set the scene for your videos.

  1. Reclaim Lost Footage and Preserve Your Legacy

Image Credits: Landfall Publishing

Salvage valuable recordings by retrieving old cameras from drop sites and extracting their contents. Don't let any terrifying moment go to waste – immortalize your adventures for posterity and ensure your legacy as a SpookTube sensation endures.

  1. Optimize Your Footage for Maximum Views

Make the most of every recording session by utilizing all available camera footage. Whether exploring the game environment or engaging in spontaneous antics with friends, ensure your content is rich and varied.

Fighting monsters will earn you more views. You can buy the Shock Stick (after your first run), which will allow you to fight lower-threat monsters. Viewers love seeing these, and capturing monster fights can earn you big-bucks and fame.

Just make sure you don’t get carried away and find yourself in close proximity with some of the big threat monsters like the BigSlap.

Armed with these tips and tricks, you're poised to conquer the world of Content Warning and ascend to the pinnacle of SpookTube stardom. So, don your best emotes, rally your comrades, and let the journey to internet infamy begin!