The bone-chilling (and hilarious) new co-op horror game, Content Warning, has you stepping into the shoes of a daring content creator, armed with nothing but a flashlight and a video camera, as you brave the eerie depths of the Old World. Released on April 1st, this game promises thrills, chills, and plenty of viral-worthy moments for you and your friends.

What is Content Warning about?

In Content Warning, your mission is clear: record the most terrifying video clips imaginable and upload them to the infamous SpookTube. But beware, the Old World is crawling with monstrous creatures who aren't too keen on being in the spotlight. With up to four players (or flying solo if you dare), you’ll navigate treacherous corridors, evade deadly threats, and capture the frights that lurk in the darkness with your trusty video camera (not nearly reliable as the HyperX Vision S Webcam).

Fear not, aspiring hot-shot SpookTubers, for we have the ultimate Content Warning Beginner’s Guide to help you on your journey to online stardom.

What is your goal in Content Warning?

A player and their team walk up a ramp in a dimly lit building in the Old World

Image Credits: Landfall Publishing

If you’ve ever played Lethal Company, you’ll feel right at home in Content Warning. Your goal (instead of seeking scrap on abandoned moons) is to venture out into the unknown to record spine-chilling encounters and upload them for fame and fortune. And with a variety of tools at your disposal, including the Boom Mic and Reporter Mic, you'll ensure your recordings are top-notch quality.

For crystal-clear IRL audio during your Content Warning adventures, the HyperX Quadcast S and Caster Arm are ideal. Perfect for streaming your gameplay and capturing every scream-worthy moment and untimely demise.

What tools can you use?

A player points a video camera at their team in the Old World of Content Warning

Image Credits: Landfall Publishing

In Content Warning, you start off with access to some essential tools for your content creation. These include the flashlight for illumination, the video camera for recording, and the Boom Mic and Reporter Mic for audio quality. With these tools, you can navigate the darkness, capture terrifying footage, and carve out your stardom on Spooktube.

To maximize your views and earnings, though, it's essential to invest in quality equipment. Upgrade your arsenal with items like the Sound Player and Clapper to enhance your recording capabilities and survive longer in the depths of the Old World.

Just like gearing up to face monsters and capture some viral-worthy moments in Content Warning, HyperX Creator Gear empowers you to level up your creativity and content IRL (no Larva or Slurpers included).

What creatures will you face?

A monster in Content Warning in a dimly lit space

Image Credits: Landfall Publishing

You’ll encounter terrifying monsters and mysterious remains, each offering opportunities for viral-worthy content. But be careful – not all creatures are as harmless as they may seem, and some may attack without warning.

There are many creatures in Content Warning, from the Mouthe (small and unsettling, but relatively harmless) to the Big Slap (Run away! A slap will chunk your health). Each come with their own characteristics, lethality, traps, and ways to escape them – if you can.

Remember, every clip counts in Content Warning. Whether you're capturing a creature's chilling scream or a teammate's untimely demise, each video adds to your notoriety and increases your chances of going viral. 

Quick Tips and Tricks for Surviving in the Old World:

  1. Take your time to explore and understand your surroundings. Rushing into situations can lead to trouble, so tread carefully and familiarize yourself with the changing corridors and creatures within.

  2. Your camera is your lifeline. Without it, you can't earn views or money. If the cameraman falls, prioritize recovering the equipment. If that's not possible, return the next day to salvage the footage.

  3. Conserve your flashlight battery. Avoid turning it on unnecessarily, as you can't recharge it until you return topside. Don't get lost in the dark!

  4. On your first day, you'll have limited funds for equipment. Use any footage you've captured to earn cash and upgrade your tools on day two. Consider investing in healing items like The Hugger or Defibrillator to keep your team in the game.

  5. Keep an eye on your health and stamina. Running out of oxygen means instant death, while low stamina leaves you vulnerable to lurking dangers. Don't sprint everywhere; it could lead to a nasty surprise when you encounter a creature face-to-face.

By following these tips, you'll increase your chances of survival and success in Content Warning.

Grab your gear, rally your friends, and prepare to dive into the terrifying world of Content Warning. With the right tools and a dash of bravery, you just might become the next big sensation on SpookTube.