HyperX x Valkyrae Limited Edition Keycap - Mika the Shiba

Regular price $19.99

HyperX x Valkyrae Limited Edition Keycap - Mika the Shiba

Regular price $19.99
  • HX3D x Valkyrae Collab
  • Next Level Personalization & Aesthetics
  • Durable, State-of-the-Art Color 3D Printing
  • For ages 16+
Select Color: White/Red
Mika will be ready to leave the kennel in 7 business days. Once Mika leaves please expect him to take 3-7 days to reach you.

Who’s a good keycap!?

This kawaii keycap of Valkyrae’s companion, Mika, is coming to transform your F9* key into a K9! That’s right, HyperX has teamed up with the streaming legend and 100 Thieves co-owner to drop this epic keycap of her fluffy friend. Valkyrae collaborated on every detail of this 3D-printed depiction of Mika from the doggy dagger that Mika wields to selecting the keycap’s color accents. Give yourself a treat and celebrate the good of gaming with this exclusive limited edition collab from HyperX and Valkyrae! Available from May 19th 9:00 AM PT - May 22nd 9:00 AM PT, while supplies last!

HX3D x Valkyrae Limited Edition Collab

Compatible With HyperX Mechanical Keyboards & Most Mechanical Keyboards

Next Level Personalization & Aesthetics

Durable, State-of-the-Art Color 3D Printing

HX3D x Valkyrae Collab
Valkyrae influenced every step of this keycap’s creation, ensuring the final product accurately captured Mika’s glory. You can see it in the details, like his cute weapon, collar, and color accents.
Your style, taken to the next level
HyperX’s unique keycap designs will let you amp up the personalization of your mechanical keyboard in a way that standard keycaps can’t match.
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Durable, State-of-the-Art Color 3D Printing
Game-changing HP color 3D printing tech delivers outstanding durability and full color. The result is an unparalleled level of design freedom.
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We’re excited to introduce HyperX’s exclusive 3D printing technology. From keycaps and headset covers to mic stands and figurines, our limited-edition 3D printed collectibles will breathe new life into your desk. Our state-of-the-art 3D printers feature MultiJet Fusion technology for ultra-durable 3D prints that can stand the test of time. This amount of customization will help you take your style to the next level.
Keycaps Specifications
  • Compatibility: HyperX mechanical keyboards and most mechanical keyboards
  • Material: 3D printed by HP Inc. 3D printing division
HyperX x Valkyrae Limited Edition Mika the Shiba Keycap
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Customer Feedback

  1. *This good boi fits pretty much all standard-sized mechanical key switches and is not meant to specifically sit on F9