Streaming games to an audience of the entire internet isn’t as simple as just clicking a button yet. On the plus side, learning how to stream games as a content creator also isn’t that intimidating of a process. You’ll need to make some choices when it comes to which platform to stream on and, yes, there’s lots of technical jargon you’ll need to understand. But, let us help you out with a collection of guides that should explain all the basics, and as a plus, they’ll still be here in this hub in case you forget something and need to come back for a quick reference.

Just pick your platforms of choice below, follow the steps, and you should be able to get your first stream running in no time. But first of all, if you're not entirely aware of what you're doing, check out this beginner’s guide to content creation just to be sure you make a good first impression.

Streaming gear for content creators

One of the first things you'll need to get started streaming as a content creator is gear. Specifically, the right gaming and tech gear. You could technically get a stream going with nothing more than a console or PC if you want to only show gameplay, but if that’s not the vibe you’re going for, peruse our guide below to grab some essentials for live streaming so you can begin planning your broadcasts.

Streaming gear for content creators

Streaming platforms

There are a number of different platforms to stream on, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. The biggest and most robust options are still Twitch and YouTube. We’ve got dedicated guides to teach you how to stream on each of them, and you can learn a bit about each platform to help your decision process:



Streaming from a console

Unfortunately, there’s no universal standard way to stream from a gaming console. Some have native, built-in streaming and recording systems, while others require a little more legwork to get up and running. For an overview of how to stream from each console, check out these articles:

Nintendo Switch



Xbox Series X/S

Streaming tips

If you’re set with all your gear, and you’ve got a handle on getting the initial set up down, there are also a number of content creator industry tips worth knowing. Why not put their expertise to work for you? If you’re new to the scene, you might miss out on simple systems that could make your streaming life a whole lot easier. Check out these guides for some of that extra info:

Setting up a Discord for streaming

How to capture gameplay on Nintendo Switch

That's all that we’ve got in our comprehensive guide to streaming games. Did you think we missed something? Is there something that you're struggling with? Feel free to let us know and we'll find you a solution.