Streaming and recording games all day sounds like the dream job, right? However, in addition to perseverance and a strict schedule, those looking to step into the world of content creation will need to get their hands on quite a lot of equipment.

Webcams, capture cards, and various other techy trinkets are essential equipment for many content creation jobs – meaning you have to not only overcome a steep learning curve, but also massive startup costs. So if you know someone looking to get started, why not lend them a hand? 

Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to begin, as our content creator starter kit gift guide is here to help! Below, you’ll find great gift ideas covering everything a budding content creator will need to get started, including microphones, headsets, and more. And if you want a handy link to a collection of great HyperX streamer gift ideas, here's the perfect gift!

Content Creator Starter Kit

There’s no way to avoid it: content creation is a pricey hobby or career to get into. So in our content creator starter kit gift guide, we’ve aimed to find gear to put on your wish list, or to gift to a creator that won’t hurt wallets too badly. A fancy camera might deliver the highest-quality cam footage, but it’s also likely to bulldoze your budget in a single purchase. Also, if you or your friend decide that being a creator isn’t it, you don’t want a pricy piece of kit turning into an albatross. There’s plenty of solid (and affordable) equipment out there to get started with instead, so let’s get gifting!

Headset: HyperX Cloud III Wireless gaming headset

For streamer planning on creating content with games, one of the first pieces of required gear (besides a PC and some games) is a quality headset. Not only will a decent headset grant the audio advantage in many online games, it’s also a fantastic investment to help with video editing, and will enable a streamer to enjoy music and chat with viewers with ease! 

Content creation – and streaming especially – is a lengthy process, which means comfort is also critical. To tick that box, we recommend HyperX’s Cloud line of headsets. The HyperX Cloud III Wireless gaming headset requires some investment, but trust us, it’s worth it. In addition to delivering impeccable audio via 53mm angled drivers, this headset features cushy memory foam padding in the ear cups and headband for maximum comfort whether gaming, editing, or just chatting with friends online!

The HyperX Cloud III Wireless

Cable clutter is a real issue for a streamer, which is another reason we’ve opted for the Cloud III Wireless here. Give your giftee the extra present of that sweet cable-free life. But if you’ve got a tighter budget to work with, the wired Cloud III packs all the same quality into a smaller price package.

Webcam: HyperX Vision S

If your content creator gift recipient is comfortable showing their face, then grabbing a webcam is a fantastic way to help boost their connection with viewers. It also adds plenty of room to play with camera angles and just have fun! 

There are loads of expensive cameras out there, but the HyperX Vision S is a great starting point that’ll also set them up for more advanced recordings in future. It packs in a 4K Sony Starvis™ Sensor that’ll keep images clear even in low-light conditions – a great option for newbies without expensive lighting arrangements. It also features a 90° field of view for those wanting to show off their room/studio – that figurine collection isn’t going to display itself – with a fast and responsive autofocus to keep your soon-to-be star in the center of the action. 

Crucially, the Vision S also comes with a magnetic privacy cover for when recordings are complete. The activity LED will also ensure any content creator using it knows exactly when the camera is live.

The HyperX Vision S

Monitor: HyperX Armada

A boom arm/monitor combo is an outstanding option for streaming games. Without the additional space that a wide monitor base eats up, there’s more desk real estate for stream decks, controllers, audio mixers, and more. The HyperX Armada is a versatile ecosystem, featuring boom arms that can attach to existing monitors with standard VESA mounts, as well as 25-inch FHD and 27-inch QHD monitors with rock-solid IPS panels with 1ms response times and refresh rates specced for 165Hz refresh rates or better.

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Audio controls: HyperX Audio Mixer

If your up-and-coming content creator has already picked up the essentials, the HyperX Audio Mixer is a very thoughtful gift idea that’ll help elevate them to the next level. It’s a tool built to easily mix and manage up to three audio sources at once: an XLR microphone input, a 3.5mm microphone input, and a stereo 3.5mm input. 

Individual faders and mute buttons make it a dream for content creators to quickly adjust which audio sources they’re capturing and hearing. That makes it possible to fine-tune levels for game audio, voice chat, and microphone volumes on the fly with one compact and convenient device.

Microphone: HyperX Quadcast S

Owning a quality microphone is a huge part of content creation, whether it’s for video production, voice over, or streaming! It’ll not only make sure viewers can hear your content creator’s voice clearly, but also open the door to all kinds of new content like interviews, podcasts, or even ASMR. The HyperX Quadcast S is designed to support pretty much any style of recording you can think of thanks to its four polar patterns.

The HyperX Quadcast S

It also comes with an anti-vibration mount that’ll muffle any table bumps, and has a built-in pop filter to smooth out the harsher sounds. Equally important, the mic can be muted easily with a simple tap, and has an LED display to show when it’s activated. For streamers broadcasting the whole day, it’s important to be sure conversations with housemates, delivery people, or loved ones are kept private. 

The QuadCast S is also a fashion statement. The slick design is complemented by customizable RGB colors that can be set in static or animated patterns. That’s a huge plus if it’s likely to be on camera. If you're after a slightly less expensive option, the HyperX SoloCast still delivers pristine quality with a small reduction in the number of settings and extra features. And if you want to go all out for the streamer who already has everything, the HyperX ProCast is a professional-grade XLR hookup that will need even more bits of kit, like a mixer. Perfect for buying even more presents in the future.

For console: Capture card

If your gift target plans to record or stream on console, a capture card is the device they’ll likely want to bring that footage over to their PC. There are two main contenders on the market for capture cards: Elgato and AVerMedia. The former has been in the game for a while now, while AVerMedia is a newer contender. Both have a range of capture cards available for different budgets depending on what resolution and framerate a content creator is after. 

1080p at 60 frames per second is the baseline you’ll want to aim for. If you’re not a tech-savvy sort, that essentially means that — provided your internet connection is good enough — the footage will look smooth and clear, which is of paramount importance for any modern streamer.

Green Screen: Chromakey Green Screen

Though it’s far from essential, including a green screen for your webcam footage can give the entire affair a far more professional look. It’s possible to build your own out of green fabric and a support system, but you can also purchase some simple arrangements off Amazon as well. 

These Chromakey Backdrops are an affordable option to quickly set up and take down behind any game space and are far more affordable than some of the dedicated gaming green screens on the market.


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