Streaming games all day sounds like a dream job, right? However, in addition to perseverance and a strict schedule, those looking to step into this online ring will need to get their hands on quite a lot of equipment too. Webcams, capture cards and more can make streaming an offputtingly expensive prospect. If you know of a budding streamer in you life, why not help them out by picking up some streaming starter kit as a gift this holiday? Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to begin, as we're here to help. Just keep on reading to find our streamer starter kit holiday guide for 2022! And if you want a handy link to a collection of great HyperX streamer gift ideas, here's the perfect gift!

Streamer starter kit holiday gift guide 2022


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Streaming is a pricey hobby or career to get into, so in our streamer starter kit holiday gift guide we’ve aimed to find gifts that won’t weigh too heavily on your wallet but still produce the quality you need. A fancy Canon camera might deliver the highest quality cam footage, but it’ll also cost you an awful lot too. There’s plenty of solid equipment out there to get started with, so let’s get gifting!

Headset: HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset


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The first thing any would-be streamer will need (besides a PC and some games) is a quality headset. Not only will a decent headset grant the edge in many online games, it’s also a fantastic investment to help any streamer enjoy music and chat to viewers with ease! Streaming is a lengthy process, which means comfort is crucial as well. To that end we recommend HyperX’s Cloud line of headsets. The Cloud II Headset requires some investment (around $80) but trust us, it’s worth it. This headset will deliver superb quality for gaming, music, and communication! And if your giftee prefers to live life without cables, there's also a wireless version available if your balance stretches a touch further. Check out what's available for streamers at the HyperX streaming gear collection.

Monitor: HyperX Armada


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A boom arm monitor is the perfect upgrade for streaming setups this holiday season, offering unmatched flexibility in screen positioning for your ideal chat setup. The HyperX Armada can be just the boom arms themselves, to attach to your existing monitors with standard VESA attachments, or bundled with a rock-solid 25/27-inch IPS panel with 1ms response times and 165Hz refresh rates. Check it out on the HyperX store here.

Microphone: HyperX Quadcast


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Want to help someone step up their streaming to the next level? Owning a quality microphone is a huge part of streaming. It’ll not only make sure viewers can hear the streamer’s voice clearly, it also opens the door to all kinds of new content like interviews, podcasts or even ASMR. The HyperX Quadcast is designed to support pretty much any style of recording you can think of.

It also comes with an anti-vibration mount that’ll cut out any table bumps, and has a built-in pop filter to smooth out the harsher sounds. Equally important, the mic can be muted easily with a simple tap, and has an LED display to show when it’s activated. When you’re streaming your whole day, it’s important to be sure conversations with housemates, colleague or loved ones are kept private. 

If you're after a slightly less expensive option, the SoloCast still delivers pristine quality with a small reduction in the number of settings and extra features. And if you want to go all out for the streamer who already has everything, the ProCast is a professional-grade XLR hookup that will need even more bits of kit, like a mixer. Perfect for buying even more presents in the future. Check them all out at the HyperX streaming gear collection page.

That's it for out Streamer Starter kit gift guide but we have plenty of other gaming present suggestions! Click here to see them all, including our musical gift guide, gaming cookbook guide, and more!


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