Practice isn’t the only way to get better at Modern Warfare III. We’re not saying you shouldn’t put the time into developing your personal skills – check out our guide on how to improve your aim as a start – but sometimes you’re being held back by other factors. More specifically, your gaming gear. Poor-quality equipment can stifle your skills to such a degree that simply swapping it out can result in a tangible boost to your results. Here are five ways upgrading your gaming gear can improve your Modern Warfare III and Warzone win rate.

1. Consistent And Precise Aim

Your mouse is the conduit through which your real-life hand wiggles transform into well-placed headshots. Don’t be held back by a dodgy connection. A high-end gaming mouse like the HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro is built to deliver consistency and precision. Its Pixelart 3389 sensor supports tracking at up to 16,000 DPI, with no hardware acceleration. Pair that with extra-large skates for smooth mousepad gliding, and you’ve got a tool that will deliver accurate movements every time.

That consistency is crucial to improving in first-person shooters like Modern Warfare III. If your real-life actions don’t deliver the same results in-game, you won’t be able to build the muscle memory required to snap to any targets that springs into view. The more reliable your mouse, the more you can improve, and the less you’ll miss your shots. Fewer missed shots means more games won. Simple.

2. The Audio Advantage

Playing Call of Duty with a quality headset for the first time is like unlocking an extra sense. The tuned 53mm drivers in the HyperX Cloud III gaming headset deliver an expanded frequency response range. That sounds technical, but it basically means you’ll better be able to separate softer noises like an opponent’s footsteps and reloads from the chatter of gunfire and nearby explosions. 

As your ears attune to the extra detail, you’ll be able to identify far more than just the general direction of your foes. The sounds of their footsteps can inform you of the exact surface they’re moving on. Learn the maps well and you’ll be capable of pinpointing them precisely so you can prepare your aim in advance. When G.I. Joe declared knowing is half the battle, we’re pretty sure he was referring to Call of Duty gunfights.

3. Clear Communication

If you consider yourself a Call of Duty competitor, then you’ll know just how important it is to communicate with your team. Calling out your opponents’ movements is only going to help, though, if your teammates can understand what you’re saying. A microphone that’s cutting out or delivering a distorted mess is more likely to harm your chances than help.

An excellent gaming headset will serve you solidly, but you can go one step further with a dedicated microphone like the HyperX DuoCast. Its low-profile shock mount ensures accidental desk bumps and other vibrations won’t be transmitted. The tap-to-mute function takes care of everything else. When a teammate’s microphone is constantly picking up the sounds of their TV or family in the background, you know how much of a struggle it is to focus. If you want to win, don’t make your teammates suffer the same fate.

4. Comfort = Concentration

In the final round of a Search & Destroy game, with your scope lined up on a corner, the last thing you need is the uncomfortable urge to itch or adjust your headset pulling your attention away. Comfort is a factor often overlooked when it comes to gaming gear, but it’s no less important to your performance. The HyperX Cloud III features memory foam in both the ear cups and headband, reducing the risk of any unwanted aches and pains building up over a game session.

It may not result in immediate distractions, but ergonomic comfort is just as vital for gaming gear. Using a poorly designed mouse, keyboard, or controller can result in strain to your wrists. That might be manageable on the short term, but it’ll eventually begin to impact your health and, as a result, your in-game performance too. Take care of your body and it won’t get in the way of sustaining that win rate in Modern Warfare III.

5. Extra Versatility

To thrive in a fast-paced shooter like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, you need all your actions to be available at in an instant. Here’s where the HyperX Clutch Gladiate can help. An officially licensed Xbox controller, it features programmable back buttons. Assign these to more clumsy inputs like clicking in the analog sticks and you’ll ensure you never fumble their associated actions in the middle of a firefight. 

The Clutch Gladiate also has dual trigger locks which prove especially useful for FPS players. These allow you to shorten the activation distance on the shoulder triggers, reducing in turn the time it takes you to aim down sights or fire when you pull them. It might seem a small difference, but often that’s all it takes for your shot to be the one that finds its mark first.

HyperX is the official peripherals partner of Call of Duty. Check out more about the partnership here to secure the gaming gear you need to succeed in Modern Warfare III and Warzone.