Queued Up 2023

The 2023 Winners

HyperX Queued Up 2023: Uplifting Rising Content Creators

Queued Up was born from HyperX's vision to spotlight emerging content creators within the gaming sphere. The chosen creators will unlock a host of privileges and prize packages crafted to boost their brand presence. In our 2023 edition, we're thrilled to present 5 new rising stars making a name for themselves in streaming and content creation. Thousands of votes have been casted and you, the devoted fans, have decided on the winners of HyperX Queued Up 2023.
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Congratulations to the Top 20 Creators!

Queued Up 2023

Congratulations to the top 20 content creators of Queued Up 2023. Although only five could claim victory, each of these creators has unequivocally demonstrated their capacity to chart the course for the future of streaming.
Top 20 Candidates