HX3D MapleStory Collection Mobile Banner Featuring Orange Mushroom, Green Slime, Pink Bean and Rock Spirits

HyperX x MapleStory

MapleStory comes alive with this commemorative collection of 3D-printed gaming accessories by HX3D. Show your fandom for your custom hero, and the world they live in, with the iconic art style that takes your keyboard and headset to the next level. Touch the aesthetic of MapleStory with Green Slime or OMOK keycaps, and dress the part with adorable Pink Bean and Rock Spirit toppers for your HyperX headset. Whether your adventures take you to Maple World, Grandis, or even beyond, you’ll be all geared up for the journey!

Green Slime Keycap

Let the beloved Green Slime monster take your keyboarding to the next level. This 3D-printed keycap makes a winning addition to your HyperX mechanical keyboard (okay, it works for other mechanical keyboards too). Cute, loyal, and brave, it’s ready to bounce along with you on the road to glory.
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If you’re a fan of OMOK…

After an action-packed quest against hordes of monsters, adventurers love to unwind with more leisurely pursuits – like MapleStory’s classic board game, Omok. You can win Omok with a line of five pieces, but why not show off with a line of eight? This keycap set pays homage to the timeless game, with keycaps representing Bloctopus, Octopus, Pig, Panda, Teddy, Trixter, Orange Mushroom, and Green Slime. Compatible with mechanical keyboards, including HyperX’s Alloy Origins keyboard.
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Now that you've customized your keyboard...

Whether you’re looking to channel the freewheeling energy of Pink Bean or the persistence of a Rock Spirit, we’ve got you covered. These mysteriously powered headset toppers fit perfectly on select HyperX Cloud headsets.